Lightroom 4 map module

Since the announcement of the map module of Lightroom 4 I was at the edge of my seat to get my hands on it.
I started geotagging my photos about 3 days after getting my first DSRL and it wasn't that useful except to satisfy my (meta)data collection obsession.
My first attempts utilized the iPad and GPS tracking software which needed manual syncing on the computer afterwards which was a hassle but worked - anyhow an extra step was nothing I was interested in, so I bought a Geotagger that goes on the camera.
On the 'Japantag' yesterday was the first time I gave my new toy a real challenge and it works just perfectly and has a couple of nice features:

  • the module has a build in battery which, even after 10 hours of use, still had a charge left so it does not use the camera battery so it does not impact the crucial performance of the camera
  • it is really precise, contrary to the iPad solution, on unobstructed ground it was precise to about 1 or 2 feet
  • it sits on top of the camera and is connected via a cable and writes the geodata directly into the file which means so extra syncing 

Not only are the markers in the right place and showing how much photos were taken in that spot but you can drill down on each marker to see which photo was taken there - a really great solution which just works as intended.