Tattoobash Düsseldorf 2013

For the first time in over 10 years Düsseldorf is home to a tattoo convention again - but not any old, ordinary convention - this one has a whole new concept.

Called 'TattooBash Ink&Rock Festival' it is quite clear where the journey goes, the organizer wants to focus not only on the art - of which there is plenty - but the whole culture around it. From products used by those professional artists, merchandising and paintings designed by them all the way to on location piercing and tattooing to show off their amazing skills.
This facet alone was enough to attracts over 130 artists form places all around the world like the United States, Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy and even French Polynesia.

Pair these traditional aspects with outstanding performances by 'Eisbrecher', 'The Other', 'Haudegen', 'Cyrcus' and 'Massendefekt' on a grand main-stage.
Another astonishing booking and a first for Germany: 'The Fuel Girls' for England. Absolutely mind-blowing artistic performances including sword swinging, belly dancing, fire eating,  body burning and a whole lot more!