World War Z Promo - Zombie rush

With the launch of the new zombie thriller movie called 'World War Z' the management of the Cinemaxx in Essen and the organizer of the local zombie walks came up with a clever promotion to attract more people to the big screen.

To start things of normal people gathered in the usual, unnamed location to convert into undead - since this is the third time this sort of thing is happening close by I could not resist to participate and document a spectacle like this - besides meeting a bunch of, slightly, crazy people always leads to a good time.
3 hours and a whole lot of fake blood later  the mobs starts moving, well more like crawling towards the cinema.

But what would a zombie apocalypse be without those survivors trying to stay alive - pretty boring. So guess who was waiting at the doors trying to defend the last hold-out of mankind:

But in the end there can be only one outcome: rushing zombies are nothing to take lightly, they do not fear dead for they are already undead...