Interhotel cricket tournament

During my walk through the beautiful oasis in between skyscrapers, commonly known as the Zabeel park, I stumbled on these guys: 'Interhotel cricket tournament'. 

As Dubai has a lot of pakistani and indian workers and cricket is a THE national sport in those countries it is not surprising that you find people playing it on basically every corner.
I just stood there watching but even after about 30 Minutes I could not recognize a pattern on the game, why one team was cheering or not; why one player was running while on the seemingly identical move the other would walk away angry...
Putting that aside the people were amazingly friendly and talkative, trying to explain moves and wanting to know about me, my trip or my camera - very ice people all around.
And again, the same mentality like everywhere in the city: 'if you cannot speak perfect english, the other might not as well and as long as you understand each other everything is fine' - the total opposite to the day-to-day business here in Germany.