Smoking Princess

If one does night photography one should know how to be patient. 
That motto was especially true during those nights when I was waiting for that chance to get the moon right where I wanted it  - which is not hidden behind a building like in this shot.
But it doesn't mean that I wasn't paying attention to my framing and the subject - and sure enough I got lucky this time:

At first is looked kinda' scary, like the Princess Tower was smoking or on fire but it is the complete opposite - the smoke is actually vapor caused by huge water chillers on the rooftop. During the course of the night these chillers are turning on twice or three times, causing a massive cloud of vapor to rise just to disappear within seconds.
Needless to say that you need to be ready if you want to get a photo which includes this element - no lazy thinking 'well I got 15 Minutes till the moon is where it should be' or looking down at a phone because 'I have my shot'.
Photography as meditation - every second you are aware of your surrounding, your subject, you camera and yourself. Those are the moments that make me love the fact that I got the opportunity to be there.