State of my being

It has gotten quite quite around here and I think I owe an explanation:
I've returned to university to study computer science again and as a result of this my spare time is diminished to about zero...
I would love to travel again but that wouldn't be possible for, at least, the next (half) year or so to come - so I am 'left' with stuff I can do with local und time constrains in mind.

1. I became a more active member of the local photo group of which was a founding member of, helping it grow beyond the point of 3 continuous members. I do wish to thicken that bond by offering a monthly, free knowledge exchange to help those just starting.
2. As the university is a playground for interesting ideas and concepts it is no wonder that there are courses aimed at photographers so I signed up for some and hope for the best :).

3. I'm in the process of networking hard to be able to attend more concerts and festivals this year, as head as my responsibilities allow.

In essence nothing really changes as I do use every opportunity of spare time to edit and publish old, yet never seen before, photos - but as writing and editing the blog and homepage does take longer than I would want it to, those new works are more often than not published to Facebook and 500px; which I do greatly prefer as the quality is just superb compared to Facebook. 
In addition to that I still encourage each an every one of you to write me with any question or wishes you might got as I love to interact with people.