Announcement: Börsencrash Festival 2013

This Fall - on october 19th to be precise - will transform the cozy ‚Börse‘ in Wuppertal to the place of operation of the eights annual ‚Börsencrash Festival‘.
Performing artists include big names like ‚Brainstorm‘, ‚Alpha Tiger‘, ‚Nitrogods‘, ‚Lonewolf‘, ‚The Mystery‘ and as the special guest ‚Seven Thorns‘.

Ranging with different styles, be it early Motörhead mixed in with Blues from ‚Nitrogods‘ or 80ies Glam-Metal influenced by ‚Iron Maiden‘ or ‚Helloween’ by ‚Alpha Tiger‘ all the way to melodic ‚The Mystery‘.
To top all this off there will be a performance by french ‚Lonewolf‘ and danish power metal by ‚Seven Throns‘.

Tickets for this spectacle are on pre-sale for 17€ and will go for 22€ at the door. To get more information about the sale and the event in general are on the official homepage at and, of course, on Facebook.