Healthcare city glow

Magnificent building in the new district of healthcare city - I don't really know thats inside, forget to take a look shame on me...

This time around I tried something new, out of my comfort zone some might say, shooting with daylight. I know it might sound crazy when you see my other work - which frankly has had close to no natural light in it what so ever, but I wanted to make the most of the day and try something new.

Shooting with so much light is pretty relaxed, decent aperture and ISO gave shutter speeds of around 1/200 which is comfortable with plenty sharpness.
The part which sparked my interest the most was the post processing of such images, making bland boring scenes with too much light and harsh shadows visually pleasing.

This will be another part of my readers question segment on sharpness, which I will expand to answer another question which came in: how I got to my result and even more dramatic, what I started with.