Contrary UAE

I have a lot to do at the moment and don't have the time I want to edit but

First of - a mountain scape along the road which connects Dubai and Fujairah. It is really impressive to see the roadwork done throughout the UAE and especially at this place, to make the ride more pleasant and free of extreme up and down slopes the sides of the mountains with line the road were removed and remodeled to give a natural look while supporting the development phase.

Despite the bright road lights the light pollution is surprisingly sparse which is what I had hoped for coming to this place - it led to some interesting shots showing a contrast in and of itself: the bright, modern road, the dark foreground with the million year old rocks and the beautiful night sky with the stars and streaks.

And now moving into Dubai to the heart of amazing architecture 'the tallest block on the planet' - then though both are night shots the contrast between both places is night and day, so to speak.

Featuring a sky with a full moon the light pollution caused by the dense city including the marina near by suppressed every bit of star rich night, yet the view at those building - not a single one less than 80 stories high - makes you feel really small.